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Hangzhou Sunshine Automatic Printing Machine Co., Ltd is a reputed manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We specialized in supplying high quality printing machine and packaging related equipment as well as solution and service. In 1997, our general engineer built the first 5 colors automatic UV screen printing machine in China mainland, which leads us to play a very important role in this line of research. Over the years, we have gradually dominated domestic market in offering printing machine and hot stamping machine for cylindrical products. Meanwhile, our machines have been increasingly known and trusted by customers from different countries.

Today, our engineers are not restricted to yesterday's technology, but rather committed to continuously improving our designs and innovations to make flexible but simplified machines. So far, there are many types of patented machines applying in different fields. We also have incorporated servo drive technology with a remarkable transmission system on our high speed machines to achieve more precise, more stable and more efficient in operation. We not only provide single unit machine, but also offer fully integrated automatic production line and accessories to meet different demands. Frankly, our solution will enable you to lower costs, increase output and match the standard of environmental protection.

We would like to introduce our main machinery for your packaging purpose as follows,

Silk screen printing machine
Hot foil stamping machine
Spray paint production line
Assembly line for caps
Heat transfer machine

Applying on materials such as glass, ceramic, metal and any plastic, thereby using UV ink, thermo ink, paint, foil and so on.
We support our equipment with proficient, responsive technician as well as comprehensive, prompt service. We warmly welcome you to pay a visit around our factory, and look forward to the opportunity to help you on the upcoming project. Thank you for your interest in Sunshine. We declare that StaySign is our company's brand and trademark. 

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