Infrared Conveyor Drying Machine

Customized sizes and temperatures are supported to design and build for different materials of product from fields like Electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, resins, printing, leather, wood, metal, glasses, electroplating, coating, food, ceramics medicine, papermaking, automotive locomotives, metal furniture, plastic parts, electronics, electrical appliances etc.

Product Details

Infrared Conveyor Drying Machine from StaySign

Firstly, auto parts magnetic materials (sheets) phosphating after cleaning water drying tunnel furnace customer demand:

The moisture drying of the magnetic material (sheet) after phosphating and cleaning, and the operating temperature is 180 C degrees,normally temperature is adjustable the maximum can go up to 250 C degrees.

Secondly, the auto parts magnetic material (sheet) phosphating cleaning water drying tunnel furnace main technical parameters

Except auto parts, this tunnel dryer's application for products like PCB, FPC, LED, EL, membrane switch, buttons, wood, plastic spraying, printing and others are also available.

To set up an IR drying production line, we are accepted to produce according to customer's demand, below mentioned is one of solutions for our client.

1, liner size: drying area; length 7500 * net height 200 * width 1100mm;

2. Overall dimensions (approximate): total length 10500mm* total height 1370mm* total width 1500mm, and emergency stop switches are installed before and after the furnace body.

3, temperature range: room temperature ~ +250 °C (adjustable)

4, meter display accuracy: ≤ ± 0.1 °C;

5, temperature fluctuation: ≤ ± 1 °C;

6, temperature uniformity: ≤ ± 5 °C (empty);

7, heating rate: ≤ 8 °C / min;

8, the wind mode: three-side circulation wind;

9, shell temperature: shell temperature is not higher than the room temperature +15 °C, except at joints and outlet temperature;

10, power: three-phase five-wire system, 380V, 50HZ;

11, the total power: 65KW;

If you need a drying machine please feel free to tell what product it is, and how much temperature you need etc. then we will show you a plan to work with your request.