T Shirt IR Drying Machine

We provide this infrared drying tunnel machine according to customer's requirement, temperature, size, etc. are available to be settled as requested. High temperature with adjustable range.

Product Details

The dryer adopts the electric heating method, which is divided into two sections for independent heating. The temperature of the second section drying tunnel is manually set to automatically control the temperature. The principle is that the fan sends cold air to the electric heating element installed on the wall of the air duct in the oven. It is heated as hot air and enters the drying tunnel through the baffle from the bottom. The hot air and the product exchange heat and carry a large amount of moisture through the top row. Tide outlet outside the oven. The product is run from one end of the oven. The chain, gears and drum brackets are used to run the product. The product is dried or shaped and comes out from the other end. The speed is adjusted by the speed-regulating motor to achieve the desired drying effect and output. This machine has the advantages of stable operation, easy operation, and high thermal efficiency. It is the first choice for product processing manufacturers.

This drying tunnel is available to dry flat products like glass,T shirt, fabric clothing, label, etc.

The science of this dryer:

1, two separate heating, the temperature of the second drying section manual temperature control.

2, clean and sanitary, using electric heating.

3, the cycle of reciprocating drying method is extremely automated, chain transmission.

4, the speed is adjustable, stepless speed motor regulates the running speed of the conveyor chain.

5, hot air through the baffle from the bottom of the dryer into the drying tunnel drying products.




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