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Analysis of deformation reason of hot press plate

Oct 18, 2016

Most of the deformation of hot-pressing plate is regular transverse deformation and longitudinal deformation, and the main reasons are as follows:

1. The heating is uneven, the temperature rises too fast when preheating, especially in the cold state boot preheating more easily deformation.

2. Steam heating, sometimes hot-pressing plate inside the steam pipe is not smooth or fouling blocking, in the heat conduction uneven, so that hot-pressing plate parts temperature rise and speed differences, has led to hot-pressing deformation, sometimes the condensate water is not easy to control the temperature, more easily lead to deformation of hot plate.

3. In the production process, the leakage of slab, short slab or individual slab density is too low level, so that pressure gathered in the thickness of the gauge, resulting in hot plate deformation.

4. If the hot press machine out of the book, unloading plate rack card board, the back of the slab and the front of the wool plate collided, will make the front of the slab of fiber pile up, the operator if not found in time, Hot press boost is easy to form hot-pressing plate twists and turns deformation.