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Application fields of screen printing machine

Dec 23, 2017

Application on Packaging field

The main service target of the packaging industry is the continuous development and application of the screen printing industry and the screen printing technology, which will serve the packaging and decoration industry better and contribute to the prosperity of the packaging and decoration industry. Screen printing industry brings a broader market in a way. Such as screen printing on high-end packaging boxes, plastic and glass bottles, bottle caps, cosmetic vials and so on. People will be loving beautifully decorated products.


Rotation type Automatic Screen printing machine for bottles, vials and tube etc.

Advertising plays an irreplaceable role. With the continuous development of computer technology, various kinds of software are constantly appearing. Especially the production of CD-ROMs for cultural entertainment, TV films and various publications has been increasing day by day. This CD-ROM company logo, images, text, about 92% of the printing is done by screen printing. Screen printing equipment investment on "StaySign" you will get low cost, suitable for multi-species CD disc printing characteristics.


Plate screen printing machine for CD,circuit board,aluminum plate etc.

Application on Advertising field

There will be more markets for screen printing in commercials, especially for electric companies and tobacco and alcohol companies that place a heavy emphasis on advertising in order to promote their image. The timing and quality of the ad determines the company's share of the market. So a variety of electrical advertising, outdoor advertising, commercial advertising screen printing provides a broad space. In commercial competition, due to large outdoor advertising wide field of vision, the effect is valued. Therefore, China's screen printing color outdoor advertising is also with the development of product advertising, has increasingly shown a large batch, the price is cheap, colorful, fast delivery and other advantages, more and more cities planning department, advertising management recognized, attracting A lot of advertising businesses.

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