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Attention before spraying machine

Jun 09, 2017

A. Avoid producing static electric spark, all spraying machines should be well grounded.

B. coating paint to be filtered first, the screen should be based on the paint viscosity, particle size selection. Filter too thin coating is not easy to pass, too thick spray gun is easy to plug in accordance with product requirements and spray caliber to match the selection of filter mesh density.

C. In order to reduce the possibility of pollution caused by compressors, air compressors should be as far away from the spraying site. And to be equipped with multiple oil-water filtration and multi-level oil-water separator.

D. Air pressure out of the compressed air after filtration into the spraying machine equipment, is conducive to extend the service life of the pneumatic system.

E. The outlet and inlet shall conform to the size and pressure range of the specified tube in the specification in order to maintain sufficient intake.

F. The capacity of the user's air compressor shall be in accordance with the requirements of the specification of the air consumption, and shall be as far as possible than the consumption (gas tank).