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Automatic Assembly Unit

Aug 19, 2014

1. Parts directional arrangement, transmission, escapement system: The disorderly parts in order to facilitate automatic machine processing of the space orientation of the automatic alignment, and then smooth delivery to the subsequent escapement mechanism, for the subsequent grasp of the manipulator to prepare.

2. Grab-shift-placement mechanism: Hold the 0 (parts) that are positioned by the escapement and take it in a vacuum, then move to another location (usually for the assembler).

3. Assembly work organization: refers to the organization which completes the assembly work initiative, if presses the workpiece, the clamping, the screw union, the card person, the bonding, the welding, the riveting, the bonding, the welding on the last part.

4. Testing mechanism: Used to the previous step assembled parts or machines on the work of the results of the test, such as missing parts detection, size detection, defect detection, functional testing, clearance testing.

5. The removal mechanism of the workpiece: the body used to classify the assembled qualified parts and unqualified parts from the machine.