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Basic introduction to printing machines

Jun 04, 2018

At home and abroad: the printing machine is mainly divided into: heat transfer printing machine, digital printing machine (universal printer) flat screen printing machine, round screen printing machine, walking table printing machine, etc.

Universal printer: a "contact with the object of" type of ink-jet printing technology digital printing equipment, the current domestic universal printer manufacturers are made by epson, HP, factory production of inkjet printer modification. Color inkjet printer because of its good printing effect and lower price advantages, so occupy the vast middle and low-end market. Inkjet printers also have more flexible paper processing ability, in the choice of printing media, inkjet printers also have certain advantages: can be either regular media such as print envelopes and writing paper, also can print all kinds of film, photo paper, CD cover, paper, T-shirt transfer paper and other special media. Therefore, after modification, the printer can print glass, PVC, board and any other materials, so it is called universal printer.

Round net machine:

Plate is cylinder rotary screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine directly USES is the conduction band, printing speed is faster, per hour up to 5000 m, the disadvantage is that only a fixed pattern, is suitable for the fabric into mass production.

The printing plate of the roller printing machine is made of copper rollers. The drum printing machine is surrounded by a number of printing copper rollers with concave lines. The guide band (copper roll), circular net (printing roll), and blank fabric are all in continuous operation. They can only print the blank cloth, not cut the pieces.

Unlimited length digital printing machine:

Infinitesimal digital printing machine is a new batch of pure cotton direct jet printer for factory production under the change of bad environment. It can start printing in any direction to meet different needs.

Flat screen type:

The printing plate of flat screen printing machine is the screen version of the plane.

The guide belt is called: the guide belt printing machine is suitable for printing large area of water pulp in the garment cutting film, not printing glue.

Oval printing machine:

The unique parallel module combination design, according to the user's requirements on the original machine to add any printing head. The shape is oval, so it is called oval printing machine. It is mainly used for printing glue pulp, water pulp, thermosetting and other printing materials.

Use a printing machine

Alias: running Taiwan printing machine. Bedplate printing machine, automatic printing machine walking on mesa, is to put one or several different colors of dyes or pigments, use a variety of different methods, in the flat print on the material needed for decorative pattern, design, machining process. Controlled by PLC computer, automatic scraping printing machine; Mucilage printing, water slurry, ink, thick version such as material, widely used in clothing (t-shirts), fabrics, clothing, leather, handbag, transfer paper, synthetic Mosaic, shoes materials, flannelette, thick version, such as cloth, PVP, PU, PP, PE film materials such as direct screen printing and other products.

Heat transfer printing machine

It belongs to the category of transfer printing, which can be used for hot transfer printing of cloth pieces, garments, garments, socks or other chemical fiber fabrics. In terms of working mode, it is quite different from flat screen printing and round screen printing. In cloth, clothing, clothing before transfer printing with sublimation printing machine to print to dye printing inks first specific printing paper, become the transfer printing paper, and then will be printed on the paper with logo on the side close to the fabric after heating pressure into the transfer printing machine, make the sublimation transfer printing paper dye ink through gasification after transfer to the cloth. This kind of printing method has a more convenient aspect than flat net printing or round net printing, that is, it does not need to be evaporated after printing, washed, dried and shaped. Unfortunately: wool, cotton fabrics can not be printed.

Digital printing machine

The working principle of digital printing and inkjet printer basic same, in short, digital printing is the pattern design by digital form input to the computer, through the computer color separation tracing draft system (CAD) editing process, by computer control micro piezoelectric ink jet mouth again to special dyeing liquid direct injection to the textile, form the required pattern, then according to the group composition of different fabrics made of different post-processing, such as drying solid color processing, etc. Advantages of this type of printing: because water is not needed in the printing process, it will not pollute the environment.

With the development of science and technology, printing machinery is more and more advanced, more and more human, but it is a good machine also depends on artificial operation and maintenance, printing master will operation, can very good debugging and maintenance, will directly decide customers products of printing quality and the service life of the printing machine.