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Classification of printing machinery.

Apr 14, 2018

      Printing machinery is the general term for machines and equipment used to produce printed materials. Its function is to make the printing plate part of the ink, transfer to the substrate surface. The printing press is usually composed of paper, ink, printing, paper collecting and so on. A lithographic press and a water conveyer.

     There are many types of printing presses, which can be classified according to the following five aspects:

1. According to the type of layout: letterpress printing press, lithographic press, intaglio printing press, printing press;

2. According to the size of the paper, it is divided into: lithographic paper or single sheet printing press, web press;

3. According to the number of printing colors: monochrome printing press, two-color printing press, multi-color printing press;

4. According to the printing format, it is divided into "eight open printing presses, four printing presses, open printing presses, full-length printing presses, ultra-full-length printing presses, etc.

5. the classification of the printing press method although there are many, however, the core part ofthe printing press is embossed printing device, therefore, on the basis of the pressure way, general printing machine can be divided into flat by flat, round flat, circular circle pressure, baroclinic flat.

     Flat flat

    The structure of flat press printing presses is characterized by the plane shape of the mounting mechanism and the press printing mechanism.

When printing, press the lithographic plate to swing back and forth on the main axis to complete the paper and seal. Due to the plate picture and text part of the ink and embossing lithography contact all at the same time, and pressure for a long time, the substrates pressure is bigger, so the print of the inky, dense lines and strokes.

     Flat press printer, small volume, slow printing speed, low production efficiency, suitable for printing small print, such as: greeting CARDS, invitation CARDS, book covers, envelopes, labels, etc. This type of printing machine has a letterpress machine, a copper and zinc version of a prototype and a disk machine.

      Flat round pressure

     Also known as the platform printing press, its structure is characterized by a flat surface, the press printing mechanism is a circular cylinder, commonly known as the imprint lithography drum, as shown in the figure.

      Printing, the plate with the version of the platform, make reciprocating movement relative to the embossing roller, embossing roller in a fixed position, generally with the substrates rotation while stamping, embossing roller for substrates pressure than flat flat printing machine larger increase, but due to the version of the reciprocating motion, the printing speed is restricted, the production efficiency is not high. The main body of a printed book. This type of printing press is: a rotary letterpress printing press, two rotary letterpress printing presses, stop rotary letterpress printing presses, lithographs and so on.

      Circular press.

    Also called rotary printing press, its structure is characterized by a cylinder cylinder, a cylinder, and a cylinder, commonly known as a plate cylinder, as shown in the figure.

    When printing, the imprint lithography drum with substrate, relative to the plate cylinder in the opposite direction of the rotation of the press. Because the imprint lithography drum and plate cylinder contact time is shorter, the pressure of the substrate is smaller than the cylinder press.

     Circular press circular printing press, using the imprint lithography drum and printing plate cylinder without stopping the contact and printing press, the movement is smooth, the structure is simple, the printing speed is fast. If the printing device is combined together, it can be designed as a satellite or unit type printing press. It can also be printed in double-sided and multicolor printing, which is very efficient. This type of printing press, currently used most, has lithographic presses, gravure printing presses, flexographic printing presses and printed books, newspapers, high-speed web press, etc.

     According to the type of layout: letterpress printing press, lithographic press, intaglio printing press, printing press.