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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of screen printing machines

Dec 20, 2017

          In the printing process, the screen printing machine will normally have a variety of problems, we must be familiar with the cause of these failures, and problem solving, printing process smoothly, we, StaySign Automatic Printing Machine Co., Ltd here summarizes eleven kinds of screen printing machine of the common failures and solutions.


SAP-102-B Fully Automatic screen printing machine for bottles

The first kind of fault phenomenon: 

          When semi-automatic, do not step on the pedal switch and immediately action. The reason for this type of fault is that the foot switch is damaged or the foot switch is caused by the water. The other is the switch of the manual start button. The repair method is to replace the new switch, socket, button switch or disassemble repair related damage.

The second kind of fault phenomenon: 

           When semi-automatic work, stepping on the foot switch to slide down, and then rise again. This kind of phenomenon is usually the left side of the horizontal sliding seat close to the switch damage or broken line, the solution is to replace the proximity switch or switch on the switch line.

The third kind of fault phenomenon: when semi-automatic work, the pedal switch will stand down, and the left of the printing block will not move. This fault occurs because the left side of the sliding seat is close to the switch without sensing or having a problem. The solution is to adjust the left proximity switch sensor or replace the close switch; There is also a foot switch on the micro switch to jam, which can also cause this failure. The solution is to adjust, repair or replace the micro switch in the pedal switch.

The fourth kind of fault phenomenon: 

           When semi-automatic work, the pedal switch, sliding seat drop left and then rise but not right shift. The occurrence of this phenomenon is that the upper left of the vertical sliding seat is close to the switch and the switch is not sensitive to or close to the switch. The solution is to adjust the above switch to the switch or better.

The fifth kind of fault phenomenon: 

           A fter the action switch, the upward movement is slow. This kind of fault is the control solenoid valve has the foreign body block or the solenoid valve has the fault, the solution is to remove the magnetic valve to clean or replace the good solenoid valve.

The sixth kind of fault phenomenon: 

           Manual, semiautomatic all not motion, power lamp is bright. This kind of fault is caused by the low voltage side fuse, no air source entry, the solenoid valve has all malfunctions. The solution is to replace the low - pressure side fuse and check whether the pressure is up to 4-7kg/cm. The solenoid valve has a very small fault and is mostly connected.

The seventh  kind of fault phenomenon: 

          Automatic, semi-automatic start not down. This kind of fault occurs when the right approach of the horizontal sliding seat is near the switch and has failure or not sensing, choosing switch failure, single action switch chain point damage. The solution is to adjust the proximity switch or the right proximity switch to replace or repair the selector switch and the single action switch.

8 kinds of failure phenomenon: cannot be started automatically, such failures are the upper and lower cylinder with micro switch is normally closed, contact cannot conduction or timer is damaged, the solution is to repair the micro switch, or replace the timer.

The ninth kind of fault phenomenon: 

          The working table doesn't inhale, the reason is that the suction motor burns. The control motor running contact device is damaged, the suction motor is rotating, but control the air intake solenoid valve failure, the suction selection switch fault, the solution repair or replace.

The tenth kind of fault phenomenon: 

          The working table does not inhale, the reason is to control the solenoid valve bad or the internal block damage, the solution is to replace the repair.

The eleventh kinds of fault phenomenon: 

          The vertical slide rise slowly, the reason is that the vertical slide bearing without oil or cylinder piston wear, magnetic hit make the axis of bending, oil supply, the solution is to change the password, piston axis adjustment.