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Technical requirements for assembly line assembly of electronic products.

May 08, 2018

Electronic products are technology-intensive products, and the main features of the assembly of electronic products are:

1. Assembly work is made up of a variety of basic technologies. Such as the screening and lead forming technology of components; Technology of wire processing and processing; Welding technology; Installation technology; Quality inspection technology, etc.

2, the assembly quality of operation, in many cases, are difficult to quantitative analysis, such as the quality of welding visual judgment, usually in dial plate, knobs, etc to handle identification of assembly quality and so on.

3. The personnel who carry out the assembly work must be trained and selected.

Technical requirements for assembly line assembly of electronic products.

1. The direction of the components shall be in accordance with the requirements specified in the drawings, and the marks on the components can be clearly seen after installation. If no direction is specified on the assembly diagram, the mark should be easily recognizable outside and read in the order from left to right, from bottom to top.

2. The polarity of the installation element shall not be wrongly installed, and the corresponding sleeve shall be set before installation.

3. The installation height shall meet the requirements, and the components of the same specification shall be installed at the same height.

4. The installation sequence is generally low and high, first light and then heavy, first easy and difficult, first general components after special components.

5. The distribution of the components on the printing plate should be as uniform as possible, consistent and orderly. Oblique rows, three-dimensional crossings and overlapping arrangements are not allowed.

6. The diameter of the lead wire of the components and the pore diameter of the printing plate should be between 0.2~0.4mm.

7. Installation and processing of some special components, the installation of MOS integrated circuit should be carried out on the isoelectric platform to avoid electrostatic damage devices. The heating element must be kept at a distance from the printed panel, and the mounting of the mounting should not be allowed. The installation of the larger components should be fixed (binding, sticking, bracket fixing, etc.).