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Energy saving and consumption reduction of infrared dryer

May 18, 2016

Three methods of energy saving and consumption reduction starting from drying way:

1. Combined Drying method

Because of the multiplicity of materials and the complexity of their properties, drying materials with a single drying method often does not achieve the quality requirements of the final product, or it consumes too much energy.

If 2 or more than 2 kinds of drying methods combined, in the material different water stage using different drying methods, not only can effectively improve the drying efficiency, save energy, and can better control the entire drying process, help to obtain high-quality products, this drying method is called combination drying.

2. Wind Direction Control method

Downstream drying and countercurrent drying is the most common 2 kinds of air supply, each has its advantages and disadvantages, mixed-flow drying sets the advantages of both, both make the drying uniformity, but also to speed up drying, shorten the drying time, save energy.

3. Section Drying method

The same drying method has its different drying stage, can be aimed at the characteristics of the stage of the material, using different drying parameters, known as segmented drying.