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Fixed problem of gilding press.

Apr 28, 2018

Hot stamping machine, hot stamping version of the fixed method, generally there are two, one is to use glue, like toothpaste liquid compressed inside the bottle, another is the high temperature double-sided tape, packing in rolls roll up, two products have market, explain quality is good, some customers used bronzing glue, some customers like to use high temperature double-sided tape, but in production, bronzing version of some customers will drop or shift, is this why?

Through analysis, not hot stamping machine in fixation of the heating plate and hot stamping die not clean, so if you have met the hot stamping version of the shift, please first check whether there is hot stamping plate and the heating plate is clean, every change mould must be sort out smudgy, again put on hot stamping high temperature glue or double-sided tape, hot stamping machine, hot stamping version of the two fixed methods are as follows:

Usage of bronzing glue:

First hot stamping machine heat up to 100-200 degrees Celsius, and then position will be bonding surface clean, bronzing glue on surface bronzing version (note: not more than 0.2 mm thick) can be adhesive, this product surface curing time 1 minute or so.

Application of double-sided high temperature adhesive paper:

To bronzing machine heat up onto a: 100-200 degrees, the shear heat tape and hot stamping version of the same size size, bronzing version after the temperature reached, friction on the heating plate to touch on the hot stamping die, to tear up the surface of the adhesive paper and paste.