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Hot stamping and heat transfer process.

Apr 27, 2018

   1. Round pressing and stamping method: the method of circular pressing and stamping is actually the process principle of the plane heat transfer machine. Planar heat transfer printing machine is mainly for plane substrate and curved surface. There are several types of products that can be used for rotary stamping: the entire surface needs to be transferred to the product. Household appliances panel, a surface of a cosmetic box, plastic box or wooden jewelry box on the surface, jigsaw puzzle toys, plastic decorative murals, tables reveal frame, sector, PVC plastic board, etc., skis, plastic posters. By designing a floating device on the workbench, the rotary press printing machine can transfer the special products with complicated shapes.

  2. Circle pressure circle stamping way: is the cylinder process principle of thermal transfer machines, in order to realize multi-usage, the vast majority of hot stamping machine manufacturing plant will plane hot stamping machine and the round surface heat-transfer machine function together, realize double functions of flat surface. When the plane is transferred, the roller is pressed and rotated, and the table is moving in the left and right direction. When the surface is transferred to the surface, the table is stationary, only the rubber roller and the round surface products have a pure rolling interaction.

   Hollow plastic bottles: one kind is relatively hard, can withstand the pressure of rubber roller, this bottle can transfer, but must have axial positioning measures can only be, another kind is relatively soft, this kind of product must be inflated to transfer.

  Plastic hose: toothpaste, facial cleanser, hand cream, cleanser, etc. The opening of this kind of products is as big as the bottle body, so it can be used to make supporting products for the transfer printing.

  Cup products: cup products similar to the hose, opening is generally larger than the bottle body, making the support shaft more convenient, cup products use the transfer process of the largest proportion.

Hot stamping process

  1. Flat pressing and stamping method: the model of plane bronzing machine: the printing of words and trademarks in a certain part of the plane. The motion of the plane bronzing machine is relatively simple, only is the hot plate to carry out the upper and lower movements.

  2. Flat pressing round hot stamping method: can realize the hot stamping on the round surface. For example: plastic bottle cap, ballpoint pen, hose, glass bottle, round dial, golf club, skin care plastic box, food plastic box packing, etc.