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How to maintain the UV machine!

May 25, 2017

UV machine in the use process, mechanical operation system and electrical control system, such as failure, to find equipment maintenance and electrical repair, non-full-time personnel should not be indiscriminate demolition, tampering, in order to avoid accidents and damage devices.

Maintenance requirements: In order to be able to extend the service life of the machine, to ensure the normal movement of equipment and ensure the quality of the product processing, maintenance personnel and operators should work together to do the following:

(1) Every time before the boot should be a comprehensive inspection equipment has no abnormal phenomenon, if the exception should be timely contact the maintenance staff after the work.

(2) Regular inspection of rotating component operation, found abnormal timely adjustment and maintenance.

(3) The operation completed in time to clean up the inspection machine there is no residue, do not flush the body and the work site, beware of damp electrical appliances, damage and electric shock accident.

(4) UV curing machine has high pressure steady-current device, the operator must wear insulating shoes or floor insulation board to prevent accidents.

(5) regularly wipe UV lamp and reflector, lamp aging, the timely replacement of the lamp, to ensure normal production.

(6) At least one overhaul every year, remove all the transmission components, thoroughly clean and refill the lubricant, assembling the transmission components must make the rotating parts to maintain lubrication.