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How to operate a double color printing slot machine? How to clean the double-sided glue on the drum?

Apr 16, 2018

To extend the service life of the ink roller, the printing technical expert recommends that the following matters should be kept in mind during practical operation:

1. The pressure adjustment of the rollers should meet the requirements, and check the pressure of the rollers weekly.

2, operator just at work, shall check the various parameters of the tank, and then after reach water level of the water in the tank, inching sink roll, finally, the basin at the ends of the roller handle closed, inching sink roll, make measuring roller surface with a layer of uniform water film.

3, because the ink roller belong to wearing parts, the customer shall pay the relevant taxes in accordance with the printing machine maintenance specification, using random given ink roller and water roller rotation, monthly maintenance, remove the ink roller and circulation use of two sets of water, ink roller.

4. When installing, pulling, and top plate, it should be noted that the plate should not be too distorted or damaged. If the deformation is too severe or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

5. Do not cut the rule or other marks on the plate.

6. Wash the car every shift and keep the measuring roller clean.

7. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the water roller.

8. Use the ink roller cleaner regularly to clean the ink roller and remove the calcium.

9. After the removal of the ink roller, after maintenance, avoid the light preservation; Open the ink roller to check the bearings at both ends.

10. Pay attention to the temperature requirements of the operation and improve the working environment.