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How to solve the problem of screen printing machine?

Apr 02, 2018

In use of screen printing press will inevitably encounter this or that kind of problem, so when we encounter these problems, how to solve, in order to let everybody to save unnecessary trouble, yong screen printing which is to introduce some screen printing press common fault problem and its solution method, hope to help everyone.

The machine does not work when semi-automatic.

1. Check the power supply.

2. Check the foot switch and start button.

3. Check whether the controller and frequency converter alarm.

The machine is slowing down or getting stuck in the middle of the rise.

1. The fault is mainly due to the lack of oil in the upper part.

2. Long motor time leads to lower power of the motor and a more connected motor.

The machine can't be printed on the right.

1. Left and right frequency converter alarm.

2. Machine potentiometer failure, new potentiometer and governor.

4. Slow movement of cylinder.

This type of fault is the control of the solenoid valve or cylinder due to water or aging. A new solenoid valve or cylinder is needed.

5. Manual and semi-automatic.

This type of fault is burned down by the machine switch power supply and a new switch power supply.

6. In the semi-automatic work, the pedal switch will stand down, and the printing block will not move after left.

This fault occurs because the left side of the sliding seat is close to the switch and does not feel or have problems.

7. The working table is operated but not inhaled.

This kind of fault is also caused by bad electromagnetic valve or suction tank.

8. Automatic and semi-automatic start up.

Such failure is the cross slide on the right side of proximity switch is failure or sensing, switch failure, single switch point chain damage. The solution is to adjust the proximity switch induction or replace proximity switch on the right side, replace or repair the selector switch and switch.

9. Automatically unable to start.

Such faults are caused by the failure of the upper and lower proximity switches and the alarm of the up-down frequency converter.

Because each screen printing machine is slightly different. If you still have any question, far - yong screen printing is willing to be ready to answer for you.