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Small print machine knowledge

Dec 19, 2017

Screen printing machine

     A machine that prints words and images. Modern printing presses are usually made up of such institutions as loading, inking, embossing, conveying paper (including folding).

How it works:

     First will be printed words and images to make plate, installed on the printer, then by artificial or printing ink coating on the plate there is words and images, and then directly or indirectly, transfer to the paper or other substrates, such as textile, metal, plastic, leather, wood, glass and ceramics), so as to reproduce the same as the plate of the print.

      The invention and development of the printing press played an important role in the dissemination of human civilization and culture


SAP-104 Three colors screen printing machine for glass bottle


       The screen printing press is divided into letterpress, lithography, gravure and aperture printing press. The installation and embossing structure are divided into flat pressing, round pressing and round press.

Classification of screen printing machines

According to the type of printing plate

1. Relief printing press

A machine that completes the printing process using a letterpress. Such as card machine (resin version), type printing, zinc relief, set number words.

2. Lithographic press: planographic press

A machine that USES lithography to complete the printing process. Such as multi-color machine, four-color machine, two-color machine, monochrome machine, rapid press, etc.

3. Intaglio printing press

A machine that USES a gravure to complete the printing process. Such as instant noodles glass bag printing, biscuits aluminum foil bag packaging, etc.

4. Screen printing press: screen-process printing press

Use screen to complete the printing process machine. Hole printing: such as screen printing, circuit board printing, cloth printing, tin printing, printing, local lighting, etc.


Flat screen printing machine for paper label etc.

The application of inverter on the screen printing machine

Special features of the three - crystal converter silk printing machine:

1. Low frequency torque and stable output

2. High control precision

3. High performance vector control

4. Can replace dc speed regulation and servo control

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