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Standard configuration of glass screen printing machine

Oct 30, 2013

1. The glass screen printing machine each functional area independent pressure adjustment, satisfies the different product the need

2. Modular design, and other equipment can be combined into multi-color production line

3. Head motor + Linear Guide Vertical Take-off and landing, fast and stable movement, the version from high adjustment

4. Anti-drop ink and the clamping position and other functional components complete, to meet the product needs

5. Automatic point to position design, automatic and manual mode selection, easy to operate

6. Emergency stop button layout reasonable, safety photoelectric timely protection, program chain control, comprehensive protection

7. With a variety of automatic multi-color special home appliances color plate and curved arc two different combinations of production line solutions

8. The segmented integration function and the industrialized outward appearance design, to the medium feed predetermined position + the horizontal scraping printing press + the discharging transportation inspection; three-position independent drive belt conveyer, the system integration control, the automatic and the manual mode choice.