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The characteristics of automatic screen printing machine

May 16, 2013

1. Multi-color printing automatic eye to the position, computer control, automatic detection of color standard, such as abnormal automatic shutdown.

2. The use of CNC motor, printing, inking speed can be arbitrarily segmented set.

3. The use of CNC motor, printing, inking distance can be arbitrary data set.

4. Automatically calculates the printing quantity, and can set the printing frequency to stop automatically.

5. Photoelectric control on the material, material to avoid substrate surface scratches, can improve the printing quality.

6. The use of Japanese brand precision regulator, high precision.

7. Automatic screen printing machine equipped with dust roller, can remove dust on the material.

8. Automatic screen printing machine is equipped with off-screen function, printing large area background and printing glue, prevent sticking to the net.

9. Automatic screen printing machine using three-stage suction device, according to the requirements of printing materials, strong winds, weak wind, close adjustment.