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The daily maintenance of the printing press is not negligible

Apr 14, 2018


Printing machine maintenance is divided into daily maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, quarterly maintenance, annual maintenance, such as whether its performance is good, whether running smoothly will directly affect the progress of printing work and the printing quality of printed matter, so the daily maintenance of printing machine and maintenance will become one of the working points of the printing can not be ignored.

The main factors that affect the normal operation of electrical system are high temperature, high humidity, dust, electromagnetic interference, etc.

1. The high temperature

Excessive temperature will accelerate the aging of electrical components and shorten the service life of electrical components. The auxiliary equipment of the printing press, such as the alcohol cabinet, the central gas supply air cabinet, and the infrared drying cabinet are all large heating sources, which will make the electrical system temperature too high. Therefore, it is necessary to install the ventilation cooling device for these devices to maintain the appropriate temperature of the printing workshop (22 ~ 28).

2. The high humidity

When the humidity is too high, once the temperature changes, it is easy to form condensation on some electrical components, which is mixed with dust, which can easily lead to short circuit or break of electrical components and damage electrical components. High humidity can also make individual parts rust, resulting in function failure. The relative humidity of the printing workshop should be maintained at 50% ~ 70%. Southern printing companies should pay particular attention to this.

3. The dust

Due to the loss of paper powder and the use of spray powder, the printing workshop tends to have more dust, which can easily lead to poor contact of electrical components, resulting in failure or damage of electrical components. It is very important to install the cleaning device and clean the dust in time to ensure the normal operation of the electrical system. It is worth noting that the dust removal of the electrical system must be carried out after the power supply is cut off.

(1) clean the main electric control cabinet

(2) clean the operation table

 (3) to clean the main motor of each operation unit

4Compressor cabinet, infrared drying device, powder spraying device.

The maintenance of the printing press is an important part of normal production. The maintenance is in place, the electrical system can maintain good working condition, which is beneficial to improve the production efficiency and prolong the service life of the machine.

Secondly, according to the different equipment for different methods of equipment maintenance, equipment maintenance good, not the length of time a printer will increase, equipment maintenance will reduce downtime, printing will improve efficiency at the same time, the quality of the products can be improved and stable.