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UV Dryer Machine Scope of application

May 08, 2018

       High-speed offset low UV drying machine intelligent high speed automatic paper machine, printing UV drying temperature control in 45 ° C, UV drying speed of 9000 copies per hour above, in line with the technological conditions of low temperature high speed offset printing, widely used in cigarette packs packaging printing, color printing packaging printing, printing industry.


        Offset printing, offset printing, with its exquisite workmanship colorful applications become the mainstream of high-grade printing printing, offset printing on print telescopic deformation and adapt to the high efficiency high speed printing has the strict request, UV drying machine offset printing must meet to print the drying temperature should not exceed 50 ° C, won't make the print scale deformation, drying speed must be of 8000 copies per hour, form a complete set of intelligent automatic paper machine can meet the requirements for offset printing automatic high-speed printing, conventional UV dryer use UV lamp is high temperature and low intensity of UV lamp, to print the drying temperature of 70 ° C to 70 ° C, UV drying speed of 4000-4000 / hour, such as increasing the UV lamp power to achieve the drying speed, UV drying temperature will be doubled, and can not meet the strict process requirement of the offset printing, offset printing for low-temperature high-speed UV drying machine, using imported high intensity UV lamp at low temperature, low temperature high intensity UV lamp is a kind of using high purity light emitting electrode, accurate filling the proportion of high purity glowing gas, with high-end technology in the production of high pressure mercury lamp, small working current, low temperature, high strength, than conventional UV lamp glow with specifications low temperature by more than 40%, more than 100% high luminous intensity,

           Special printing: widely used in screen printing, offset printing, letterpress printing, adhesive label, metal nameplate, KT board, glass, ceramics, electronic parts, such as single-sided PCB substrate printed crystal ice, grinding, crystal stone, 7 colour convex oil and other special effects. Coating: wood surface bright coating, paper surface gloss, plastic floor, fiber line surface coating. Instant drying, saving time, high production efficiency. Can make the printing surface to achieve high gloss, resistance to friction, solvent resistance. The conveyor belt is stepless speed regulation, and equipped with anti-offset device to ensure smooth delivery. Imported teflon belt, the delivery speed is stable and adjustable, it can be easily connected with the production line and other equipment. Each set of UV system independent control, according to the production of the number of tubes. Adopt special aluminum magnesium alloy lamp shade, concentrating design, high production efficiency. UV lamp work UV current can be controlled by external indicator needle, effectively master the working state of UV system. Equipped with reasonable heat dissipation system, the temperature of the working chamber is too high and the paper deforms. The heat transfer system can exclude outdoor and effectively protect the performance characteristics of production work environment