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UV Printing and screen printing differences

Mar 12, 2014

1. The color of screen printing is relatively small, because silk-screen glass can only be printed one color, if the need to screen a variety of colors, you need to print a number of screen printing different colors, and UV printing can be printed out, do not need to create a network version, only computer graphics can be drawn.

2. Screen printing glass can not produce a gradient color, UV printing can be printed out of bright colors, beautiful picture of the picture, gradually changing color can also be printed only once.

3. Finally said the printing color adhesion, screen printing ink in the silk screen when the surface hardening agent, so that the ink better adsorption on the glass surface, do not use a sharp weapon to scrape off, although UV printing will be sprayed on the glass surface like curing agent coating, but will easily fall off, especially with the passage of time, the printing pattern will be a layer of shedding, this is undoubtedly the fatal weakness of UV printing, there is no better solution.