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Working environment of automatic spraying machine equipment

Jul 20, 2015

Automatic Spraying Machine Equipment working environment Note:

1. Spray Room wind Speed: Electrostatic spraying spray room wind speed, exhaust air is less than the general air spraying, the wind speed is 0.5-0.7m better.

2. Air pressure: Under the same pipeline paint system conditions, air electrostatic spray gun pressure is lower than ordinary air spray gun, excessive air pressure on the one hand will affect the normal work of the turbine generator, on the other hand also affect the electrostatic effect.

3. Paint pressure: Compared with ordinary air spray gun, electrostatic spray paint pressure is slightly lower.

4. Paint Resistance: The electrical properties of paint directly affect electrostatic atomization and electrostatic effect, high electrical resistance is difficult, electrostatic effect is poor, too small is easy to leakage, harm spray gun and is not conducive to safety, a variety of different specifications of electrostatic spray gun has its specific resistance range, can be combined with field test and spray gun supplier recommendations to determine.

5. Coating viscosity: Electrostatic spraying paint construction viscosity is generally lower than the air spraying, in order to improve the atomization effect, so that the paint fog easily along the line of power lines.

6. The relative position of the Lance: in the place where the multiple spray gun is operated at the same time, the relative position should be paid attention to, so that the spray paint flow will not interfere with each other, avoid the same-sex charge of paint fog repel, especially for small and medium-sized parts of the place.