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Acceptance And Handover Of Equipment Installation Works

Aug 13, 2018

(1) construction inspection and acceptance of equipment foundation shall be conducted by the quality inspector of the construction department together with the civil construction workers, and the construction acceptance form shall be filled in. The construction quality of the foundation must meet the basic drawings and technical requirements.

(2) the final acceptance of the equipment installation project shall be carried out after the equipment debugging is qualified. Management of equipment and technology department jointly with other departments, in the installation, inspection, security, use and so on various aspects under the relevant personnel to attend the acceptance, make appraisal, fill out the installation quality, precision inspection, safety performance, commissioning operation records and other documents and acceptance to transfer list by the acceptance of all parties to sign before completion.

(3) handle handover procedures after acceptance of equipment

Equipment opening and acceptance (or equipment installation and handover acceptance certificate), equipment operation and test record list shall be signed by the personnel of all parties involved in the acceptance and the technical documents brought along with the equipment, which shall be incorporated into the equipment file management by the equipment management department. Spare parts and spare parts along with the equipment shall be filled in the storage form of spare parts and sent to the equipment warehouse for storage. The safety management department shall file the safety issues in the installation test.

(4) upon completion of equipment handover, the equipment management department shall sign the notification of equipment commissioning, and submit the copies to the equipment management department, the user unit, the financial department and the production management department respectively, as the basis for archiving, notification for starting use, fixed assets management certificate and assessment of project plan.