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Atomization Is Divided Into Two Stages

Jul 27, 2018

Atomization is divided into two stages: the first is the formation of liquid film pressure nozzle, the film is the second air atomization, so that more small droplets. The advantages of this type of nozzle :(1) the pressure of compressed air can be adjusted, the droplet diameter can be adjusted, the operation is simple; (2) production of high viscosity liquid, which can atomize droplets of fine; If you disable compressed air, the original pressure nozzle can be used. Atomized airflow laboratory and major plants in the Middle East, its power consumption. The first two cannot atomize the nozzle liquid, use the air can atomize nozzle. High viscosity paste, paste and filter cake material, can be used for three - fluid nozzle atomization. The drier airflow drying technology is mature and can be directly designed if the data is manipulated.