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Automatic Screen Printing Press Function

Jun 11, 2018

1, fully automatic silk printing machine with touch screen control, easy and quick operation, easy to use, achieve full digital control.
2, fully automatic silk printing machine using PCL computer program control, fully automatic German SICK photoelectric eye tracking alignment, photoelectric eye precision high. The second printing uses photoelectric eye tracking, can be repeatedly printed, automatic color detection, if there is an abnormal automatic stop.
3, fully automatic silk printing machines are widely used in PET, PVC, transfer paper(film), ground heating film, geothermal film, electric film, paper, film, nameplate, flexible circuit board, mobile phone button, 3M glue, glue, film switch, trademark laser, scratch card, not Screen printing of rolls such as dry adhesive stickers, bucket paper, Ribbon, aluminum foil, and copper foil.
4, fully automatic silk printing machines can set the printing speed at will, calculate the number of printing sheets, and set the number of automatic shutdown.

5, automatic silk printing machine through photoelectric induction control of automatic feed and oven automatic collection, the speed can be freely adjusted, effectively avoid the surface of the substrate scratch, can improve the printing quality.
6, a large area of aircraft with automatic printing off the net function, printing a large area of background color, glue and circuit board silver pulp, can prevent adhesion.
Automatic wire printing machine adopts precision linear sliding track, which effectively guarantees the high precision of mechanical motion.
8, fully automatic silk printing machines use servo motors to control the movement of scrapers, ink return knives, and the movement of materials. The printing and ink return speed can be adjusted and entered into specific data settings at will. The material can move around and move, which is convenient for debugging machines. It also ensures the stability of the printing quality and the consistency of the moving direction of the material.
9, fully automatic silk printing machines use two-position(feed board and printing board equipped with suction device) three-stage suction, according to the printing materials and quality requirements, strong wind, weak wind, closure adjustment.

10, mesh frame can be fine-tuned positioning(maximum adjustable number ± 10mm).
11, a large area model touch screen to control the rise and fall of the printing machine head, convenient for the maintenance of the screen plate and scraper, easy to load and unload and clean the screen plate.