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Classify The Dryer By Heating

Jul 11, 2018

According to heating method, the dryer is divided into convection type, conduction type, radiation type and dielectric type. The convection dryer, also known as the direct dryer, USES the hot dry medium to directly contact with the wet material, transfers the heat by convection and takes away the steam generated. Conduction type dryer is also called the indirect dryer, it USES the conduction way by heat transfer heat to the wet material through metal partition, the generated moisture vapor available vacuum suction and ventilation with a small amount of purge gas or in a separate set of low-temperature condensation on the condenser surface method. This kind of dryer does not use dry medium, high thermal efficiency, the product is not contaminated, but the drying ability is limited by the heat transfer area of the metal wall, the structure is more complex, often operate in a vacuum; Radiant dryer is to use a variety of radiators to emit electromagnetic waves of a certain wavelength range, which is selectively absorbed by the surface of wet materials and converted into heat for drying. Dielectric drier USES high frequency electric field to dry the wet material by heat effect.


1. High performance evaporator, large heat exchange area, small heat transfer temperature difference, more stable air temperature at evaporator outlet

2. High efficiency gas-water separation structure, high oil and water separation efficiency;