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Dryer Selection

Aug 03, 2018

The selection

Materials of original shape: granules, powder, particles, silt, crystals, liquids, paste, suspension, solutions, continuous thin sheets, thick plates, irregular materials (small or large), viscous or massive, etc.

Balance average output continuous operation of the amount of materials or finished products, intermittent operation of the amount of materials or finished products and their adjustment range.

The average particle size, particle size distribution, particle density, volume density and water reactivity of the finished product are analyzed.

Moisture content dry base and wet base for material inlet and outlet.

Chemical, biochemical, microbial activity, heat sensitivity (melting point, vitrifying temperature), moisture absorption isotherm (balanced moisture content), etc.

Influence of drying time drying curve and operating parameters.

The impingement mode (direct and indirect) of the impingement heater.

Fuel choice: steam, coal, electricity, oil, gas.

Blower, dry dust precipitator, wet dust precipitator, feeder, discharge device, finished cooling and conveying device, etc.

Special requirements for materials, corrosion, toxicity, non-hydrophilic solutions, flammable and explosive limits, ignition points, color, structure, fragrance requirements.

The area occupied by the drying equipment and ancillary equipment of irrigation drying system. Equipment installation and commissioning process and general requirements.