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Equipment Trial Operation

Aug 08, 2018

Generally, the test run of equipment can be divided into idle test, load test and precision test.

(1) no-load test: it is to assess the maintenance of equipment installation accuracy, the stability of equipment, whether the transmission, control, lubrication, hydraulic system and other systems are normal, sensitive and reliable, and other relevant parameters and performance are carried out without Beethoven. A certain time of idle load operation is an indispensable step that must be completed before new equipment is put into use.

(2) load test of equipment: test equipment is tested under several standard load conditions and in some cases. In the load test, the temperature rise of the bearing should be checked according to the standard, and the work of the hydraulic system, transmission, control, safety and other devices should be checked to see whether they meet the standards of the factory and whether they are normal, safe and reliable. The test run under different load conditions is also a necessary work for the new equipment to conduct the grinding. The quality of the grinding test has a great impact on the service life of the equipment.

(3) precision test of equipment: generally, the test should be carried out after load test according to the specification. Both the geometric precision of the equipment itself and the precision of the work (processing products) should be checked. Most of the experiments took place two months after the equipment was put into use.