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Features Of Screen Printing Machine

Sep 14, 2018

Many beautiful patterns and printing stickers can be found on many plastic products, boxes, electronics and cups. So these patterns need to be made by something called a silk printer. So what is a silk printer? What are his categories and characteristics? The silk-screen machine can be divided into two categories. First, one type can be divided into four types according to the printing plate form, which are respectively letterpress, lithography, intaglio and screen printing, while the other type can be divided into three types according to the mounting plate and the stamping structure, which can be divided into the flat-press, circular plate-press and circular plate-press. First of all, the machine has its own unique frequency control device, printing speed can be adjusted from 20 to 70 times per minute machine. Second, the screen printer itself with an electronic counter, which can be designed according to the total number of automatic shutdown, saving a lot of manpower and money. Third, the screen printing machine is very accurate to point and color, because it is equipped with multi-color printing eye device, which can improve the quality of printing. Fourth, large-area background color, dot and fine word patterns are suitable to be produced with the screen printing machine, because the high quality of the screen printing machine can not only make the pattern clear, bright color, but also not fade easily. Fifthly, the color of the pattern printed by the screen printer is bright, the pattern is clear because the ink adhesion of the screen printer is very good, the ink layer is relatively thick, so the pattern is not easy to fade. Sixth, the screen printing machine can not only be used alone, but also connected to UV dryer, or the sub-machine, rewinding machine and other ancillary machines to use. Seventh, because of the high - quality screen printing machine configuration, there are also many savings in consumables.