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High Speed Automatic Multi-color Printing Machine To Refresh The Printing Industry Record

Dec 09, 2017

        With the rapid development of screen printing, more and more industries have recognized and applied widely. Screen printing advantage although there are many, but the mastering printing technology is very important for the press, durable sex just a fine silk screen printing need to meet one of the many requirements of, excellent printing effect, good image resolution and so on, these are further factors need to be taken into account in the process of printing, for such a high demand of technology, to choose a good screen printer for printing is very important, and the high quality product that will need to take into account the manufacturer.


         StaySign Automatic Printing Machine Co., Ltd focus on silk screen Printing Machine, laminating Machine and related equipment, drying equipment, auxiliary equipment), manufacturing, sales in the integration of professional Printing equipment suppliers, StaySign Automatic Printing Machine Co., Ltd as a professional silk screen Printing Machine manufacturer, refresh the screen Printing industry new records, we choose high quality silk screen Printing Machine is the first choice. Today we will introduce the automatic screen printing press and semi-automatic screen printing press, and introduce their working principle.


一、automatic screen printing machine automatic screen printing machine is also called automatic screen printing machine, the main characteristics of automatic screen printing machine in the whole computer intelligent control, printing of high efficiency and can save labor costs. Human-computer interface, easy to operate and even adjust to print. It USES more advanced technology and technology to make the process of silk printing more precise, faster and more automatic. The working principle of full automatic screen printing press: the basic principle of screen printing is used to print the inks of the inks. When printing, pour ink on one end of the screen printing plate, apply pressure to the ink on the screen of the screen printing plate, and move at the other end of the screen. The inks are pushed from the mesh of the graphic section to the substrate in the movement.


二、The semi-automatic screen printing press is characterized by simple and convenient operation, and can be adjusted for the left and right angles and the Angle of the plane. The printing accuracy is high, and the adjustment is convenient and fast. Semi-automatic screen printing machine is mainly for different industry products printing process to design a specific machine, so there will be some difference between different industries, semi-automatic screen printing equipment is used to analyze the overall to bargain. Many current printing factory and traditional industries use semi-automatic screen printing machine is more, because the semi-automatic printing equipment is very mature and stable, and the price is very affordable, so the traditional industry with very much. The working principle of the semi-automatic screen printing press: the basic principle of the inking of the mesh is printed in the screen printing plate. Semi-automatic screen printing machine work cycle is: feeding and positioning to fall edition, plate to ink, ink plate, scraping the trip back to ascend to the ink plate, put back the ink plate to lift edition, ink trip to remove positioning, the receiver back. As a supplier of a system solution, the company has set up a task for itself and a thorough test to establish the perfect combination of all printing parameters for the project. All our products are manufactured by established procedures to ensure the uniformity and stability of the standard of products. The company adopts the electricity and gas parts of the world famous brands. The main products of the company: reel printing machine, flat screen printing machine, high precision plane screen printing machine, laminating machine, various kinds of printing and packaging before the process auxiliary equipment.