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Hot Hat Machine Features

May 17, 2018

1. Full digital display, high time accuracy;

2, PID microcomputer control, without setting stereotype cup, direct heating;

3, platinum thermal resistance temperature, temperature control is more accurate (1 °C);

The appearance is stylish and beautiful, and easy to carry.

4, can be rotated 360 degrees of rotation, easy access to objects and a certain thickness of the printing of special-shaped items.

5. Imported raw materials are used for key components, and the use performance is more stable and durable.

6, surface paint treatment, smooth and smooth.

7. As the equipment is well-manufactured, the produced image product is even better.

7 The working size of the hot stamping machine is not large, generally only ¢10cm¢14cm; the voltage is normal indoor voltage 220//110V; power 500W; hot stamping temperature: 0-399 hot stamping time: 0-999 second.