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Hot Press

Jun 25, 2018

Hot press is a kind of two superior heat flux of the tin plating parts in advance enough to make the solder to melt, flow, after curing, between components and soldering tin in the formation of a permanent electrical equipment of mechanical connection. Should be different products, the heating rate can be selected. Titanium alloy head ensures average temperature, high temperature and long service life. The head is specially designed with horizontal adjustable design to ensure the average component pressure. Temperature control, clear and precise. Equipped with digital pressure gauge, preset pressure range.

The hot press is also called bunding machine. According to different media of thermal pressure, it can be divided into tin welding, ACF (cross-guide electric tape), ACP (cross-guide electric glue), TBF (hot-melt adhesive film). Suitable for FPC (flexible circuit board),HSC (zebra paper), TAB and LCD and PCB connection. As the Pitch of PCB or FPC in consumer electronic products tends to be small, the traditional tin welding technology has been difficult to meet the requirements of extremely fine thermal pressure. The ACF process has been gradually applied by mobile phone designers.