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Hot Stamping Machine Features Classification

Jun 06, 2018


Hot stamping is by heating the hot plate to press the hot stamping foil on the calendar, melting hot stamping foil adhesive layer, make pigment carrier and paper-based separation, images are hot pressing the printing pigment on the surface, until the ink adhesion to be printed on the surface of a printing method.

The commonly used hot stamping machines are intermittent and continuous.

Batch stamping machine is in the substrate and stamping foil are static stamping;

Continuous ironing machine is in the substrate and ironing head do continuous movement of ironing.

The characteristics of

1. Intelligent digital temperature time display, automatic constant temperature and automatic timing;

2. The heating plate is integrated with the heating plate, which is safe, durable and evenly distributed.

3, high temperature resistant silicone plate make baked printing pressure more evenly, 300 ℃ deformation;

4. Automatic time control; Easy pressure adjustment.