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How Do Screen Printers Prevent Static Electricity?

Jun 11, 2018

1, the workpiece itself has been charged. At this point, the surface can be deelectrostatic before the wire printing using the destatic equipment. The method is very simple; Use electrostatic equipment to eliminate the surface of the workpiece static electricity can be processed can be printed.
2. Web printing plastic workpiece with static electricity. Antistatic agents can be added to the plastic formula in advance, which requires the production of plastic raw material suppliers to complete.
3, can also be on the surface of the workpiece with static electricity to add an anti-static coating method to eliminate static electricity.
4, reasonable use of ink solvent. Even if the ink solvent mixing performance is good, and the conductive properties of the solvent blend ink viscosity.
5, from the screen printing equipment to increase the workpiece ground, so that its charge release and eliminate static electricity.
6, in the net printing workshop without humidity control measures. In the low wet season, water is added to the ground, and the humidity of the screen printing environment is adjusted during the evaporation of water on the ground.