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How Does The Screen Printing Machine Work?

Jun 02, 2018

1) flat screen of flat screen printing machine work cycle program to flat screen platform monochromatic semi-automatic hand side screen printing press as an example, its a work cycle is: give a > to positioning to fall edition, ink slab and ink back plate - scraping trip - litres to fall back to the ink to the ink plate plate to lift edition, ink trip to remove positioning, the receiver back.

In continuous cycle action, as long as the function can be realized, the time of each action should be as short as possible, so as to shorten the same period of each work cycle and improve work efficiency.

Press print line. During the printing process, the ink and screen printing plate are pressed into the ink plate to form a contact line between the screen printing plate and the substrate. This line is at the edge of the scraping board, countless lines formed the printing surface. It is difficult to achieve the ideal printing line because the printing stroke is a dynamic process.

Working principle of the press. Screen in a commonly used hand flat screen printing machine, for example, can be to make the following description: screen printing machine working principle of the drive gear transmission power, allows the movement of the scraping plate extrusion ink and silk screen printing, silk screen printing plate and the substrates to form a stamping line, N1 and N2, because the screen has tension force F2 scraping board, for back to stretch the silk screen plate except the embossed line is not in contact with substrates, inks in scraping plate under the action of the extrusion of F1, through the mesh, from the movement of the stamping line printing on substrates.

In the process of printing, silk screen printing plate relative motion with scraping board, extrusion and back stretch F1 F2 with synchronous mobile screen under the back stretch, the rallies and substrates from contact, lest the print ceng dirty. That is, the screen in the printing stroke, in constant deformation and rebound.

The squeegee is separated from the substrate along with the screen printing plate after the completion of one-way printing. At the same time, the squeegee returns to the ink to complete a printing cycle. The distance between the upper part of the substrate and the opposite side of the screen printing plate after returning the ink is called the same plate distance or screen distance, generally it should be 2-5mm. In manual printing, the skills and proficiency of the operator directly influence the formation of the line. Screen printing workers in practice has accumulated many valuable experience, the concrete can be summarized as six, namely guarantee linearity in the movement of scraping board, uniform, isometric, equalizer, in neutral and vertical side. That is to say, when printing ink scraper should be straight forward, not left and right sway; You can't go slow, fast, slow or fast. The obliquity Angle of the ink plate should remain unchanged, especially overcoming the common problem of increasing the obliquity Angle. The printing pressure should be uniform. Keep the distance between the scraping board and both sides of the inner side of the screen frame equal. Keep the ink plate vertical to the border.