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How To Maintain Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Nov 28, 2017

How to maintain Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine

         If the use period of the bronzing machine can be longer, then daily maintenance is indispensable. Today, StaySign Automatic Printing Machine Co., Ltd and everyone's simple explanation!

        Along with the constant change in the market today, the social requirements for quality and appearance of the products is becoming more and more attention, in order to achieve better packaging effect, usually on the outer packing goods deco, Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine For Caps is now in the packaging industry USES up a device, it can not only quickly hot stamping out all sorts of design pattern and the effect is also impossibly beautiful.

        The stamping machine in printing industry is high precision equipment, servo gilding machine and other equipment, because its accessories are high precision accessories, easy to damage more than the general bronzing machine. Therefore, the operation staff of the stamping machine should be able to take care of their stamping machine in the daily production process. Cherish it as you care for your child. Only love the stamping machine, can let you're more productive. So what are the problems of daily maintenance of the bronzing machine?

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1. Grasp the speed and direction of the lathe when cutting.

2. The vacuum packaging machine should be stored in a cool and ventilated place when stored, anti-pressure, moisture-proof, anti-hot, and sun-resistant.

3. The laminating machine shall select the suitable paper, ink (especially black ink), kerosene and composite glue

4. The small Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine For Caps must select the suitable stamping foil according to the different varieties of the irons. Hot stamping must master the three parties of temperature, pressure and stamping speed, and make a difference according to the ironing material and the stamping area.