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Installation And Construction Of Equipment

Aug 06, 2018

Lay out and position the equipment according to the layout plan, installation and construction drawing, foundation drawing, equipment contour size and mutual spacing drawn by the technology department, organize the foundation construction and equipment handling. The following factors should be taken into account when designing the layout plan of equipment process.

(1) it shall meet the requirements of the process flow

(2) it shall be convenient for the storage, transportation and on-site cleaning of workpieces

(3) the outer dimensions of the equipment and its accessories, the limit position of the moving parts and the safe distance

(4) the safety requirements of equipment installation, maintenance and operation shall be ensured

(5) matching of plant and equipment, including width and height of door, span and height of plant, etc

According to the requirements of relevant specifications for installation and acceptance of mechanical equipment, the installation and leveling of equipment should be completed to ensure stable installation, reduce vibration, avoid deformation, guarantee machining accuracy and prevent unreasonable wear. Before installation to conduct technical disclosure, the organization construction personnel study relevant technical data of equipment and Mo understand equipment performance and security and the matters should be in construction.

In the process of installation, the construction of foundation, assembly links, electrical lines and other projects shall be carried out in strict accordance with the construction specifications. If there are special requirements of constant temperature, shock, dust, moisture and fire prevention in the installation process, measures shall be taken and the construction of the project can be carried out only after the conditions are met.