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Operation Of Ironing Machine

Jun 06, 2018

1. Pull up the rocker, make the heating plate fully open and plug in the power, turn on the general power switch, and the indicator light is on;

2, adjust the left side of the temperature regulator (three buttons that represent the bits, 10, one hundred), press the + or - to proper temperature (150 ℃ -- 200 ℃), the heating time is about 15 to 20 minutes;

3. Adjust the timer knob on the right side to the appropriate time (long time, short term, different materials);

4. When the temperature reaches the set value, the machine will automatically enter a constant temperature state;

Yu Chengyin stage 5, will lie flat, then stacked into the picture (photo page size must be greater than the plate size, in order to prevent the edges have indentation, affect product final effect), the rocker arm bearing force; Note: the pressure must not be too high, otherwise it will cause the rocker deformation!

6. When the time is up, when the buzzer rings, lift the rocker up and take out the plate (after taking out, immerse in cold water to prevent the ink from continuing to spread) and dry it;

7, baking sheet metal temperature is in commonly 170-180 ℃, time in 20-40 seconds, baked porcelain plate temperature is in commonly 180-190 ℃, in 60-90 seconds;