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Origin Invention Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Feb 10, 2018

         Screen printing originated in China, dating back more than two thousand years of history. As early as in the Qin and Han Dynasties in ancient China, there emerged a method of printing the folder Jie. To the Eastern Han Dynasty Xie Jie batik method has been widespread, and the level of printed products have also been improved. To the great cause of the Sui Dynasty, people began to use a box stretched tulle printing, so that the development of the folder Jie Jie screen printing technology. According to historical records, the exquisite costumes worn by the court in the Tang Dynasty were printed in this way. To the Song Dynasty screen printing has been the development and improvement of the original use of oily coatings, began to add starch in the dye powder, making it a slurry for screen printing, screen printing products make the color more brilliant.


             Automatic screen printing machine is based on the degree of automation of the screen printing machine to name. Is a manual screen printing machine (handprint Taiwan), semi-automatic screen printing machine after a trend of screen printing machine, the use of more advanced technology and technology, the screen printing process more accurate, faster and more automated.

         At present, the development momentum of fully automatic screen printing machine is very good, more screen printing equipment companies have invested in this field. Automatic screen printing machine now in the market share is gradually increasing, many large companies have been put into use, some SMEs are also gradually being introduced. Automatic screen printing machine in the future will certainly replace the most widely used semi-automatic screen printing machine, which is an inevitable trend of development of the industry.