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Russia's World Cup 2018

Jul 09, 2018

Russia's World Cup 2018 as of today has completed all 16 of the competition, in the fan boos, the 2018 World Cup quarter-finals, the two teams in South America into the top eight, Uruguay, Brazil respectively; Six European teams are in the top eight, France, Belgium, England, Sweden, Russia and Croatia. So which team will make it to the semi-finals?


Sits is Europe and the United States against the showdown against the situation, show the "death zone" of the fierce competition, France which the odds-on favorites to win against Uruguay, South American rivals in nizhny novgorod five champions Brazil will in kazan about war in Belgium. Off duty is the civil war in Europe, with host Russia in sochi against Croatia and Sweden vying with England for a place in the last four in samarra.


Since the start of the World Cup, every match has been analyzed. However, in the match situation of the last eight matches, France is better than Uruguay in overall strength, so it is not a problem to advance to the last eight. The selecao only needs to use neymar, with the strength of the European red devils Belgium defender formation, afraid to resist less impact; The host team, Russia, will not comment too much because this is a "life guard" to enter the top four. From last night's game between Sweden and Switzerland, the vikings were so rough, from passing to narrow control, that they couldn't stop England from reaching the last four.