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Russia's World Cup Quarter Final Will Kick Off In 2018

Jul 11, 2018

Beijing time on July 6 evening, Russia's World Cup quarter final will kick off in 2018, successively in two games against France against Brazil, Belgium respectively by Uruguay.



In this World Cup, France's attacking line has made other teams hungry. Strike on the team not only have had is worth more than 180 million euros, 120 million euros, Mr Lai, and golden boot winner at euro 2016 Glenn boltzmann, won the prize in 2017 FIFA puskas giroux, a first-class player.



The stability of Uruguay's defence is impressive. The defensive lines of Thrace, Jimenez, godin and lachthardt have made Uruguay the only team in the group stage to miss a goal in three games. In the quarterfinals, Uruguay's defense was only one goal from a corner.



Although France is stronger than Uruguay overall, it is not infallible. Experience is considered to be the team's biggest shortcoming, and coach didier deschamps' performance has raised concerns that France's attacking players have yet to fully reconcile. Uruguay are also at risk, with cavani, who scored two goals in the quarter-finals, injured and it remains to be seen whether the match will be played. All these factors may influence the outcome of the game.



Of course, all the comparisons are based on past data and performance, and it's up to the game to see who can make it to the end.



It was the first time in tbilisi's history that two consecutive world cups have reached the last eight. But in the quarter-finals, they will face Brazil, who are more open to attack.



Belgium scored 12 goals in the previous match, but eight came from the weaker teams of panama and Tunisia. And Belgium back three formations in the face of the Japanese side entrance one 8 final are ragged, omar, library within the face being bombarded by joao moutinho and William, may be mess.