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Screen Printing Machine Equipment Purchase Guide

Oct 19, 2016

1. Determine what properties and functions of the machine the product needs.

2. Screen printing machine price, brand (StaySign Automatic), product quality, need attention, can do some market research, can visit the factory, choose experienced screen printing machine manufacturers;

3. Choose the professional production of screen printing machine manufacturers, because of professional, so the production of printing presses will not be too many, product quality is guaranteed.

4. Can see the factory sales success cases, sell more, sell customer base, also indicated that their products have advantages.

5. Choose a good reputation of the after-sales service and timely technical support, has a screen printing presses manufacturers of after-sales service protection and technical support, in peacetime production process encountered small problems, can be resolved in a timely manner to ensure normal production.

6. Choose to keep abreast of the trend of the development of machinery, automation and control of strong machinery, this can reduce the operating time of the company personnel, reduce labor costs, high efficiency.