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Several Common Screen Printing Presses

Jun 16, 2016

Among the many printing presses, the screen printing machine can be said to be very representative, it is a piece of silk and some other materials interlaced into a screen, the main printing screen printing is the text and pictures, mainly can be divided into flat screen printing presses, curved screen printing presses and so on, and every screen printing machine also has their own different uses.

1. Flat screen printing machine, is to be in the comparison plane of things above the printing, basically in the printing time is the pressure inking board horizontal move.

2. Curved screen printing machine, it is to work on some circular printing, to fix the ink plate and then move horizontally to print.

3. Rotary screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine is to use a cylinder screen version to work, in the process of work must be in line with the speed of the printing movement.

4. Electrostatic screen printing machine, at work to use some conductive capacity than good stainless steel screen layout to work.