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Simple Troubleshooting For Screen Printing Machine

Mar 14, 2013

Screen printing machine is a kind of commonly used in the field of production of an instrument, its efficiency is very high, but because of the high efficiency, so it will often occur some small failures, then how should we eliminate these failures?

The first common fault is semi-automatic when not stepping pedal switch and immediately action, this kind of fault is mostly because the pedal switch has been damaged or switch socket into the circuit short-circuit, of course, the repair method is relatively simple, is to replace the pedal switch or replace the socket.

The second common fault is the slow ascent of the vertical slider this phenomenon usually occurs in some of the longer-used machines, the main reason is because the bearings are not oil or the cylinder piston is damaged, so that you need to apply the bearing lubricant oil, or the replacement of the cylinder piston.

The third common fault is the worktable surface does not inhale, the occurrence of such a phenomenon may be because the suction motor less bad, if the motor damage is not very serious situation can be repaired to the motor, if the damage is serious I think it is best to replace.

The fourth kind of common fault is manual, automatic all has no movement, but the power supply lamp is bright, this kind of malfunction may be because the machine's fuse is burnt off, this time as long as replaces the fuse to be possible.