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Spray Equipment To Correctly Use Common Problems

May 14, 2018

The spray painting line is very good in construction. He usually uses electrostatic spraying to spray the workpiece. The main equipment of the spray room is composed of powder spraying chamber, electrostatic powder spraying equipment, spray gun, powder recovery device and so on. The water curtain spray booth is simple and practical, and it is widely used in spray painting line.

In front of the water curtain painting room, there is a water curtain plate, and there is an overflow slot on the water curtain plate. During the construction process, the workpiece is transported into the spray booth by the suspended conveying chain. When the operator uses a handheld electrostatic spray gun or a fixed swirling cup lacquer gun for the work of the workpiece, the scattered over spray paint fog attracts the airflow, enters the spray chamber, first meets the water curtain of the curtain board, is washed into the sink, and the rest of the paint is completely intercepted in the water after the spray of a multilevel curtain spray.

After removing the paint mist, the air flow is then removed by the gas water separation device to remove odor, and the purified gas is discharged at last. The paint fog captured by the water curtain falls into the sump with the water flow, and the paint is sucked and filtered through the water pump. The paint residue is floating on the water surface. It is condensed into loose lumps under the action of the paint coagulant in the pool, and can be scooped out and centralized to keep the water clean. Through the function of water curtain spray room and auxiliary equipment, the purpose of painting and painting mist can be perfectly completed.

In the electrical explosion protection (fire), there are also many deficiencies, such as: electrical explosion-proof (fire) grade does not meet the requirements of the national compulsory standards, explosion protection (fire) facilities are not complete and so on. Because these problems are generally not affected by the quality of the workpiece spraying, they are often not taken seriously or reduced from the cost consideration. Therefore, the supervision and compulsory requirements of the relevant departments are more needed to eliminate the hidden dangers of safety, improve the operating environment of the operators, discharge the exhaust gas (water) and environmental type coatings. Rapid development has played a positive role in reducing environmental pollution.