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The 2018 World Cup Finals

Jul 18, 2018

The 2018 World Cup finals 4-2 win Croatia France France vs. Croatia game review, Beijing time on July 16th morning, Moscow's luzhniki stadium, after 90 minutes of guild wars, France won 4-2 win over Croatia, won the 2018 World Cup champion, after 20 years to lift the trophy again!

France 4:2 Croatia

The final of the Russian World Cup will be played by France against Croatia at 2pm Beijing time on July 15. Before the game, the two coaches hugged and greeted each other, both young and old, both of them are successful representatives of the World Cup.

With a whistle from the referee, the final began. In the stands, the President of FIFA, stefano infantino, had a laugh with Russian President vladimir putin.

The 18th minute, griezmann right free kick, Croatia team man jukiqi inadvertently wu long, France 1-0 Croatia!

In the 28th minute, Croatian free-kick was hoisted into the penalty area, streanich did it back in the melee, pellicic hit the right foot and shot with his left foot to equalize the score. 1 to 1!

In the 34th minute, France's right corner, mattuydi's header hit pericci's hand and the referee awarded the penalty after watching video. Then griezmann took a penalty and the French led 2-1 again.

Easy edge and 59 minutes, France launched a counterattack, pogba precision long find fast forward and peja, after which the ball under the bottom of the nabla to restricted, Gerry boltzmann catch back to do to keep up with pogba, pogba volley from playing on a defender, his right then he made a quick response, keep up with his left foot shot again, the ball straight into the net, 3-1! France extended its lead.

In the 65th minute, hernandez broke through on the left and hit the middle of the road.

In the 69th minute, loris played in the back and was caught by manjuki_ to score a point, leaving Croatia 2-4 behind.

For the rest of the time, neither side has created a chance to score a goal, despite the other's attacks and defense. With the referee's whistle five minutes after injury time, France beat Croatia 4-2 and won the World Cup again after 20 years! The crowd was in a fever of excitement as France's players and coaches burst into the field to celebrate and the French players threw coach didier deschamps into the air.

The sky was filled with either celebration for France or grief for the croatians as the rain continued to pour down and both players were baptized in the rain. The 2018 World Cup in Russia has officially ended with French players holding the World Cup in the air.