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The Current Situation Of The Dryer Industry

Jun 08, 2018

The remarkable characteristic of dryer equipment serving chemical industry is the increasingly prominent role of technical content. This is very different from the past selling products, mainly based on price competition. Some of them have high technical content and pay more attention to the development of new products. On the contrary, some enterprises with low technology content and weak development ability of new products and new technologies have begun to decline. The market reflects the reality, the chemical industry period drying equipment manufacturing industry according to high quality, low energy consumption, environmental protection type requirements to adjust the product structure, further strengthen the basic research, ramming the foundation of the application of research and development. In terms of technology, we should strengthen the research on automation, testing, production process, material quality and appearance design. In the field of application and development, we should not only pay attention to international exchanges and cooperation, but also pay attention to the protection of intellectual property. We should not only pay attention to the development of new technology and new application fields, but also pay attention to the innovation and innovation of traditional technology and traditional application fields. It should be said that this is the only way to make our drier equipment bigger and stronger. The improvement of the technological content of domestic drying equipment is bringing about a joyful effect. For a long time, the domestic dryer equipment industry has been characterized by such characteristics: small production scale, low threshold, low overall technical content, about 60% of enterprises with annual sales income below 5 million yuan, 5% and 8% of the annual sales income of over ten million yuan, the grade of production is generally low and similar. But now, high-tech products are producing backbone enterprises in the drying equipment manufacturing industry. This is likely to be a signal of getting rid of vicious price competition in the field, changing the present situation of small and scattered enterprises and carrying out the natural integration of industries. Through technological competition, the path of strong alliance and survival of the fittest, it is perhaps just around the corner to cultivate leaders of the industry strength. In addition, the progress of drying technology will also reverse the export situation of domestic drier equipment. China's drying equipment has not yet formed export scale, export volume is less than 5% of the total, and mainly exported to Southeast Asia. However, it is predicted that with the development of technology, the proportion of China's export dryer equipment will increase from 5% to 10% in the next few years, and the export market will be expanded from Southeast Asia to Europe and the United States, and there is a big gap between the production level of large drying equipment and the international level in China.