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Took Part In Spring Food&Drinks Fair In Chengdu City

Mar 30, 2016

Last week,from 24-26 March,our company took part in Spring Food&Drinks fair in Chengdu City, this is the largest and oldest wine trade fair in China,and has been considered as the most important branding and communication platform for wine industry in China.We took this opportunity to join and show our machines to lots of wine factories.On 20th afternoon, we loaded our screen printing machine, hot stamping machine and painting machine on truck,and headed to Chengdu city, on 23rd we finished setting out machines and got ready for this exhibition fair.

In those three days, we reception potential customers over than hundred.They looked very satisfied with our machine. One of visitors from Spain, he has a medium scale wine factory, he was planning to buy 3 automatic screen printing machine for his bottles. We introduced him our servo driven type machine, because svero driven type is much more precise and stable.After watched operation of our machine, he was excited to that and saying will send some bottles to be printed as a testing to see the impression this when he came back to Spain. He did it, we just received his bottle yesterday. We now are starting a print on his bottle now, we deeply believe he will order at least two machines after he received printed bottles by us.

Examples like this are happy, we will keep contacting other customers from this fair.

News updated on 15th June,2016

We received 5 orders from this fair: 2 sets of servo driven screen printing machine for wine bottle, 2 sets of painting spraying machine for plastic caps, 2 sets of hot stamping machine for aluminium caps, 1 set of hot stamping machine for cap, 1 set of heat transfer machine for glass bottle.